Friday, October 22, 2010

Sydney Night Noodle Market

Last night I went into Hyde Park to enjoy the Sydney Night Noodle Market as part of the Sydney Food Festival. First I went to the art gallery and did some writing in the cafe there. It was such a stunning time of the day, late afternoon, and the walk from the gallery to Hyde Park was such a pleasure with all the old beautiful trees.

Walk from Art Gallery


St Mary's Catherdral

I enjoyed the last bit of sun at the Hyde Park fountain and smiled a lot as I watched children running tirelessly after the birds, as partners met up after work, and tourists sat around with their backpacks.

 Hyde Park Fountain

I couldn’t help but be taken by the pure masculinity of this angle of a statue in the fountain. As for the identity of the beast/man he is slaying I am not so sure…

All Man

The Art and About Festival was on, displaying photography through the Hyde Park walkway which was really good.

Art and About Lantern

Art and About Hyde Park

As part of the festival, statues had been dressed up in flamboyant outfits. This was one I particularly liked with his crazy jacket and brightly coloured birds on his shoes.


Statue Dressed Up

The Night Noodle Market was a lot busier than I expected, with hundreds and hundreds of people milling around eating and having fun. I ended up eating some Thai satay skewers, fish cakes and curry puffs. The satay skewers were really nice. I was hoping there would be more smaller nibbly things to try but most of it was $12 Pad Thai, curries etc. so that was a bit of a shame.

Noodle Market Lantern One

Noodle Market Lantern

All in all an enjoyable afternoon and night, weather was lovely and Sydney a pleasure as always.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A truly gorgeous day- My Creative Thinking Space

I was tired when I woke up but couldn’t resist the short drive to my local beach to enjoy the sun and a stunning morning tea at a cafe that sits right on the pavement overlooking the beach.

Grogeous Day 

A latte was an obvious choice, which was served in a cute oversized egg cup. The last time I was at this cafe I had seen others eating fresh muffins which looked amazing, so I caved and ordered an orange and passionfruit muffin and it was mmmm mmm lovely!

Coffee_Orange and Passionfruit Muffin

I have a favourite rock at the beach that overlooks the water and it is the best place to let go of ‘life’ stuff, gain some perspective, and to enjoy the sun and the breeze. A great place to think over future plans and goals and get the creative juices flowing.

Favouroite Rock 

I hope you have all had a lovely week so far, and been able to get out into the sun and nature. Check out what others have been up to this week at Kootoyoo.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space

I have a great book that teaches you how to draw and so I have given myself a challenge to try something out of the book at least once a week. I have also put a limit of 10 mins and I try to use the eraser minimally- all to re-train the perfectionist in me! Imperfections are oh so important…right. Well that is the message anyway. So this is a cute tree frog, maybe next week it will be a lizard or a snake…oh the possibilities. I am seriously hoping that I will begin to see improvements as the weeks go by- you can only hope. Happy creating this week. Check out Kootoyoo


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Mr’s Blanket

I proudly gave Little Mr his blanket today. Little Mr is the gorgeous son of some friends of mine- lucky parents. I have been working on his blanket since he was born so it was a very exciting moment for me, not sure he totally ‘got it’ but his parents loved it :-) It is a cute little blanket 1m x 80 cm so will fit his cot and as his dad suggested, it may be his blanket for day care when he finally gets there. He is one cute kid and the thought of my blanket accompanying him on his first days in school is oh so adorable.

Always exciting to see the final product all laid out, after it being in pieces for so long.

Little Mr's Blanket Done

Nothing better than feeling the weight of a blanket finished.

All ready to go.

All ready to go…

Packed to go