Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coastal Sunset

While I was down in Bermagui I spent every night looking out the window around dusk to see if it was worth going out to take some shots, but every night the cloud was too low and thick and no colour could break through, until the second last night. I had an awesome time taking these shots. I was on my own in this little spot, and to see the sky change in the course of an hour was so special. Can’t wait to get back there soon. Enjoy. 

bermi 7

bermi 8

bermi 9

bermi 11

bermi 13

bermi 14

bermi 15 Have a great weekend. ox

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cove

Welcome to week two of my south coast photos.

During the week down at Bermagui I went to visit my friend who is now living in Guerilla Bay just near Batemans Bay. From her house it is a few minutes walk down to a secluded cove which is just so stunning.

From afar the cove looks like block colours of browns, greens and greys, but up close the array of colours and textures are stunning and hugely surprising. I took so many photos, but these are just a few.

bermi 12

bermi 3

bermi 4

bermi 7

bermi 6

bermi 13

I was amazed at the colours that nature produces and I can’t wait to spend more time down there. I am always left in awe of how perfect the design of nature is-it leaves human design for dead!  

bermi 9

bermi 8

bermi 10

bermi 17

bermi 16

bermi 1 

I hope you have all had a great week and have been enjoying the gorgeous warmer weather.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bermagui Week 1

I was lucky enough to spend a week down at Bermagui recently- a very beautiful part of the world. I was also there last year for a week, but this time I had my SLR so there were some shots I could get that I couldn’t last year. I took so many photos over the week so I have decided to cover some of them over a few weeks, so welcome to week one!

I was lucky enough to get some great sunrise and sunset shots and to visit my friend who has moved from Canberra to Guerilla Bay, just near Batemans Bay and Moruya and explore the cove behind her house-a photographers dream.

This week, my photos are of the sunrise I took just over a newly built rock pool just near where I was staying. I woke up early one morning and instead of going back to sleep I looked out the window and saw a gorgeous pink colour stretching across the horizon. I knew the sun rose near the rock pool so I got up and grabbed my camera and headed off.

At sunrise it was just superb. The water looked like ice- so flat and still. I love the element of newness and surprise that light offers. I was definately rewarded for getting up so early.

bermi 1i

bermi 1g

bermi 1n

bermi 1j

bermis 1f