Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day in the City

This week my photos come from an outing I went on with an amateur photography group I recently joined. We all headed into Darling Harbour and walked around taking pictures hoping to get some nice shots of the sunset. Unfortunately it was a very miserable day, so no wonderful sunsets, but we still had lots of fun.

I started shooting in colour but because of the dreariness of the sky I shifted to black and white and really enjoyed the effect. I love shooting in black and white because it draws attention to form and texture, making you look harder at your subject than when you shoot in colour. I hope you enjoy these shots of beautiful Sydney.

Darling Harbour_1

Darling Harbour_2


Darling Harbour_4

Darling Harbour_5

Darling Harbour_6

Darling Harbour_7

 Darling Harbour_8

Darling Harbour_9

Darling Harbour_3  

Darling Harbour_10 Darling Harbour_11

Darling Harbour_12

Darling Harbour_14   Darling Harbour_15

While I was walking around I noticed how much my perspective changes when I am taking photos. I would normally just stroll through an area enjoying what I could easily see and that would be it. But with photography I am always more inquisitive, looking more carefully from different angles, behind me, noticing the effect of light, tones and textures, shapes and design.

Photography has always been such a great way to see the beauty of life and to appreciate the simple things. I live in such a beautiful and interesting city and it is always so much fun getting out there and capturing it. I hope you have all had a wonderful week and I thank those who left me messages and emails from my last post, very much appreciated.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life and Death

As I shared in my last post, I am now the proud owner of a Canon 600D DSLR. I have been out taking photos and each week will share with you some of my favourites. This week my photos come from a weekend I spent visiting family in Goulburn, particularly photos of the beautiful local Catholic church.  Church_1  

While churches are intended to be welcoming, with their ‘doors always open’ to people wanting to find God, their doors are often heavy, ornate, closed and sometimes slightly foreboding. Since moving away from religion I now find the structure of churches even more fascinating, as I contemplate the messages they send to ‘outsiders.’ I find church doors and statutes, particularly on Catholic churches, immensely interesting. I like the confidence these structures exude, the hope they promise, and the sanctuary they offer. However, I can’t help but also feel deeply distressed by the things that happen behind the doors of some churches.                                Church_2                                            Church_4                   Church_3

The pairing up of this church building and the next shots of cherry blossoms has meaning to me beyond the mere fact that they were both found walking around Goulburn.

The cherry blossom tree holds special significance in my life as it corresponded with a dream I had not long after my Dad passed away two and a half years ago. No longer a believer in the Christian faith, and no longer sure what I felt about the idea of heaven and hell, I was trying to work out where my Dad might be now he had passed away.

One night I dreamt that I saw my Dad and he was in Japan and behind him were cherry blossom trees in full bloom. He didn’t say anything in the dream but I felt reassured that he was safe, happy and possibly travelling the world in some soulful way. I found out later that the cherry blossom is symbolic of beauty but also of sudden death as its flowering season is so short.

Considering that my Dad passed away unexpectedly and quickly, I found great comfort in the idea that things we love can come and go and that it doesn’t change their beauty or importance in our lives. Since that dream I always love seeing cherry blossoms out in all their beauty.  

Cherry Blossom_1

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